So the house party I went to last night turned out to be awesome. Low expectations can make for pleasant surprises.
-I ran into the girl who can't smell! YES! I had so many questions for her. Too bad she didnt arrive until AFTER the Biggest Hit Ever- complete with a rare coughing fit. I suspect only I care about her answers to my questions. moving on
-There was this hilarious guy that literally only spoke in zingers. Some girl (possibly his gf?) who lived there, went on facebook at one point. His reaction- "You are social networking at a party?! how about opening your mouth and talking! theres a social network!" ok, maybe you had to be there and be baked.
-Some guy that I see on campus quite frequently but never talk to was there. He was wearing THE outfit- when he wears it, he is the fucking spitting image of Billy Crystal with a beard circa 1989ish. Curly hair, scruffy beard. Plaid button up shirt. Tan Linen jacket, stiff jeans.
So I had that moment that I always have, where I am on the edge of saying something, and where most people would be have their personal filter tell them" do not proceed, high risk of offending", my personal filter goes "proceed, they will totally get what you are trying to say"
and I did proceed. I told him how exactly he looked like Billy Crystal. He was a little (a lot) taken aback. He said "honestly, I don't know how to take that". After telling him I wasn't sure either, I realized that if I had any hope of making this a pleasant talk rather than an horribly awkward moment, it had to be Billy Crystal in a good way. And frankly, I think it was. I told him (and I mean it), his look made me reconsider Billy Crystal. Billy Crystal redux.
Guy was a sport, well versed in social graces, and went along with it. He buried his creeped out, slightly offended reaction beneath an affable, light hearted banter, which I think he at least partially meant. Good for him, cause there is no pretending we don't know each other when we cross paths on campus.
Again, this was after "Biggest Hit Ever". I think.


  1. rizabeff said...

    bill crystal redux thank god for you really  

  2. raymi lauren said...

    what right does he have looking like billy crystal anyway and having zero sense of humour about it?  

  3. Anonymous said...

    dear chloe,
    bearded billy crystal = foxy dad (the kind that wear boat shoes and smoke pipes and go camping by themselves sometimes!) which obs should have been contrued as a compliment!


    p.s: i care deeply about what no smell girl would have answered! freak!  

  4. Chlo said...

    you are all right! erica- yes, the Billy Crystal look turns out to be sorta way cool. The foxy sailor dad thing seals it for me. Buuuut, fuckin Billy Crystal as a LOOK? raymi is right: dude better not be taking himself seriously.
    and then E says it all. In that hot little jumper.
    Oh- are blogger names with capitals passe? and why didn't anyone have the decency to take me aside and politely tell me?  


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