Dogs got a bone

Consider this one point for the Racoon side in my ongoing battle of who is more awesome:
Skunks or Racoons.


  1. Anonymous said...

    hee hee! sneaky little buggers... hey! did i tell you that my old roomate isabelle was filmed for a just for laughs gag? we saw the setup (pretty obvs, you see them EVERYWHERE in montreal in the summer time, every parc space anyways, big truck, walkie talkies, strange unexplained box housing camera, you know...)so we walked over and asked if we could be in it. sure! they ran us through the gag, it involved a trained skunk that was meant to suprise isabelle (i punked out...) conclusion: i got to pet a skunk (!!!) and just for laughs gags are mostly a crock of shit and irritating to watch...

    what i mean to say is: agreed. racoons are better, they make nicer hats.

    crap! now i have a racoon story to tell you! quick what's your email? this is getting out of hand!


  2. Chlo said...

    myname at! I cant wait!  

  3. rizabeff said...

    this is the only thing about you that freaks me out, your love of raccoons and skunks. but hey, everything else I love!  

  4. Byron said...

    raccoons by far! they're always so suspicious looking! you see them in the dark and their eyes glow and they stare at you like "im totally not about to eat your garbage"

    -heather (acting as byron)  

  5. Chlo said...

    Yeah but heather, have you ever actually SEEN a skunk (I hadn't until I moved here). The movement of their rump when they scurry along is fantastic. And talk about mischievous! OH but I mustn't get into the eternal Racoon/Skunk debate now.


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