So last night I went to a winter solstice party. Good times, a lot of familiar faces from waaay back.
Erica dared me to smell the random teacup of yellow liquid on the ground. For her- anything to be cool. luckily it was only whiskey.
SO some drunk guy tripped over the 'garbage corner' and to save face, kept kicking it about. lame. Then some girl actually says: "WOAH, are you an anarchist or just a fool?!"
Her and I would later have what I would describe as the worlds most awkward party conversation... and it WASNT my doing. it was all her man! woo!
OH! some guy who heard this anarchist remark started saying things in a stodgy voice " Oh, well I am a right wing 'keep it as it is-ist' I like the old guard". which I found really ridiculous until I realized that the layer of sarcasm was actually two deep, and he was making fun of us (the liberal hippy set of which I cannot extract myself) making fun of conservatives. So then it was funny- that is, I approved.


  1. raymi lauren said...

    i always spelled it hippie  

  2. raymi lauren said...

    ps i kind of need to meet these people you blog about i cant believe it  

  3. Chlo said...

    raymi, if you ever run out of things to blog about, move out west- but be warned that you'll have to tone down the stories, or people wont believe you  

  4. raymi lauren said...

    no shit eh i hate those types. f that.  


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