Float on

shiiit son, I found that guy I have been talking about for years! The one who built his own island! It is even more interesting than I remember! This clip is from 1999- The Ripleys Believe it or Not TV, and though I thought I heard of this guy before then... maybe not.
But Ripleys. Oh Dean Cain. What can I say about you that hasnt already been said or implied about Billy Crystal (and then adjusted to about 2 degrees lamer)
It is too bad about the horrible writing and editing of this show (please no more rapid cuts to emphasize how "X-treme" it is). Actually, now that I think about it, most of the stories were pretty inane too. We have internet memes to take care of that niche now.
I used to love the Ripley's books.
I am a little uncomfortable about the possibility that the TV version, complete with Dean Cain, was a key player in one of my landmark life moments. I'll get over it. I'll just think of how awesome Island guy is.
PS- I know what can be said about Dean Cain- According to his IMDB page, he was in an episode of "Wild on..." ahaha, I would pay up to 5$ to see that episode.



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