Unrelated: I recently decided once and for all that I definitely have an abnormally strong sense of smell. S. (not that S) said that this was a blessing and a curse, but in the spirit of complaining about all things, I find it mostly to be a curse.
On the other hand, a few weeks ago I met a girl that had no sense of smell! she claimed to be able to taste just fine, but who knows what her sense of taste is compared to the average person. I have never met someone like this- she simply has never been able to smell! I'd rather not have that.
pros: never have to smell farts and poops, or basically anything bad. burned the popcorn? meh. toss in another bag, forget about the horrid smell that will linger for hours. I would never have had to sandbag the bottom of my door while my mom was cooking the turkey neck from christmas dinner. I swear the smell went STRAIGHT to my room and just sat there.
cons: never get to smell your own brand! never know if you have bad breath or b.o. and here is a biggie: what about those really basal associations we have with scent? you know when you smell a perfume, or mix of odours, and it just takes you back, so immediately to another time and place, and all the feelings associated with it. Oh man, none of that?
buuut....I would find my new place a lot more tolerable. but how would I ever know if the last third of my soy milk is still good. I wouldn't!! wow, I would have so little control.
not realizing you stepped in dog shit- pro or con?



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