i kid you not

Talking to a guy at hipstery dance club, I let loose my theories on how and why DJs are bullshit. Thats when he mentions he is one of the house DJs.
how do I manage to repeatedly do this.
So calling bullshit on DJs is nothing groundbreaking. But later I got to thinking about how they are necessary as icons in the religion of cool. Exclusion is like tenet number one in the religion of cool, and DJs are all over that
I was about 5 gins deep when I was thinking about this, so I thought I was fucking brilliant.
oh and then there was the laaaaame hipster whose loft we ended up at. After legitimizing himself by bringing up 'indie classic' bands and some obscure but totally irrelevant tidbits on them, the height of his ceilings (14ft), his well paying job and desire to switch into something more "meaningful" ... he brings up his friend who has a degree in philosophy and policy analysis. Dude found him really intense to hang out with because this degree apparently gives the guy a handle on the entire structure of knowledge. loosely quoted:
"its like, he knows the policies on thought AND legal, real stuff"
So guy was a little stupid, and a lot desperate to belong to something. My distain turned to pity when I found out he was not 22 (the max. age at which those things are maybe still a little understandable) but 28 (oh buddy).
Oh but the evening really was great, dancing was done, fun was had.



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