I judge

So I ran into an old acquaintance the other day. One of those almost friends- you keep talking of how you should get together, go for a beer. And it never happens, and circumstances change and you lose touch all together. Well anyway, I saw one of those on a sunday or monday midday. She looked good. She lost a lot of weight- not in a "you skinny bitch" way, but in a "you got healthy" way, yah know? So we talked of how we should get together, go for a beer. She was with her (older, 90's rocker) boyfriend, and generally she seemed happy. Happier than when I first knew her.
Something was amiss though, and I didn't put my finger on it until later. She had glitter on her eyelids. not shimmer, but full on glitter. The kind you glue to construction paper. It wasnt tons, but enough. Her boyfriend had traces of glitter too- his was likely the remains of a night out.
How good can you really be doing if glitter is a part of your look.
oh and blah blah... losing weight doesnt necessarily equal looking better.
sorrysorrysorry if you ever read this.
Next thing-
yesterday I bought a sweater, pants and several small canvases at a garage sale across the street. The total was 7.50. I offered 6. She gave me this fucking scoff, repeated back to me.. "6?", hesitated, and coldy accepted.
Lady- ever been to a garage sale? bargaining is the standard. this morning you left the unsold items at the curb, free for the taking.
Who has a garage sale on a wednesday anyway?


  1. rizabeff said...

    I would have said "YEAH SIX"
    and leaned in



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