So I got into TWO bike crashes yesterday. First: On my way to Kensington, along St. George, dark and rainy. To begin with, the guy almost hit me turning on to St. George, but I avoided him. Then he drove really slowly behind me- a car behind him honked. He slowly sped up until he was just infront of me (I had my own cycling lane). Then all of a sudden, in a flash, he zoomed into a parking spot, cutting me off. I slammed on my brakes, I twisted and fell. My glasses and travel coffee (in its holder) went flying. The coffee was mostly still in the mug! What a travel mug- a real keeper. My glasses didn’t break. I was wet, my knee and elbow were sore. My bike light stopped working- I didn’t notice until later, so got no money or anything. The guy halfway opened his car door, sat there for a minute obviously sheepish- I was already calling him a fucking asshole. Once he got out of the car, I went off on him. It was 100% his fault. Finally he asked if there was anything he could do. I told him to get a fucking clue and still in shock, I shakily took off.
Met my friend for dinner.
Then, biking East on College, some guy from oncoming traffic turned into the parking lot beside me. There was really no way for either of us to see each other until the last second- it was busy, dark, rainy and my bike light was gone. The rain made it hard to brake, and this time I screamed. Once again I found myself flying through the air and back on the wet pavement. Fell on the same body parts- knee and elbow. Twice in a row- I felt like this HAD to be my fault. But I think it was a little of everything. I was really sullen when the guy got out of his car. I was just in a lot of shock. A junkie hovered around us like a fly- talking nonsense, sometimes about my bike. The guy tried to give me 20 bucks “in case I needed to repair my bike”... I denied it a couple of times, but eventually took his guilt money, and took off.
Yeah, I was really scared on my bike, and sorta of teary and blubberly. I called my friend and she took care of me the rest of the evening with ice, tea, chocolate, pot and company.
This morning I am just fucking sore and bruised all over- particularly my knee (though it doesnt look nearly as cool as I think it should)

Woah is me.


  1. rizabeff said...

    I would have taken care of you too petal I am sad forever for you  

  2. Chlo said...

    thanks buddy. I know you would have too. Definitely missing you yesterday  


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