Greek RUSH

So the other night after studying at the library until about 1130 I had to drop off some notes to a friend who lives in a frat. I knew they were having a surprise birthday party involving a keg. As I sat in the library I started thinking about how it might be nice to have a few plastic cups full of crappy beer and shoot the shit with some the 'brothers'.
I got there and the front hall was jammed with tables set up for drinking games galore. Sorority girls lined the stairs watching the excitement. Within 30 seconds of being there some guy runs up to me "PICTURE TIME!" ugh, no thanks- the next morning when you upload your photos and some of the bros gather 'round your computer to see what happened before they passed out, you'll get to the picture of some chick, who the hell is that, some pissed off bitch... I dont want to be that girl. I pointed at some guy chugging behind him and was all "woah, dude is crazy", camera guy was sufficiently distracted.
So I weaved my way up the staircase full of girls giving me the up and down, deciding if I am competition. I went past the dry hump couple on the couch (turns out it was actually just the passed out, shirtless birthday boy and his about-to pass out gf).
I made it to buddies room and then we smoked a bowl on the fire escape (no mj inside whatthefuck) and everything seemed a million times more ridiculous. I still thought I might like a cup of beer- I am craving beer like a motherfucker lately. As I made my way back downstairs though, past the "greatest time of our lives" frat boys and the sorority girls that like their friends to be slightly less pretty than them, Hotel California blasted and I knew it was time to leave.
I guess I'm just left in awe as to how precisely they played their roles. That scene man. If I made it up, wrote it and read it, I would be all "no, way too obvious"


  1. Inanimate Comic said...

    did you see Deaner there? Me and him were totally shit faced, then some bitch threw up on my shirt!  

  2. Chlo said...

    woah man. I did see Deaner there. seriously, that is who I was going to see- some guy named Dean. Weird.  

  3. rizabeff said...

    oh man I was soooooooo wasted that I spilled mustard on my jacket  


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