Ok so The Manitoba license plate motto 'Friendly Manitoba' really is accurate in my limited experience. If I was to list 5 attributes/adjectives for each of the Manitobans I've met (only a few really), 'friendly' would be on every one.
Beautiful British Columbia is perfect too. Both because it is true, and because a BCian will never let anyone forget it (we have an official February ritual of calling all out of province relatives to let them know our daffodils are blooming). Imagine the city of Vancouver in the geography of Toronto. woof, no thanks.
Im not sure what Alberta plates say, but if it is "Texas North" then it too is spot on.
Quebec's Je me souviens (I remember), yep, also right on. 'I dwell' would work too, (let it be noted I am all for the preservation of the francophone identity culture etc etc).
In grade 9ish I did a sock puppet show about the battle of Abraham (to which the license refers)- we changed the words to the Gilligans Island theme... the only line I remember is replacing " a three hour tour" with "a twenty minute war". I DO remember Amy and M and S using the Pocahontas song 'colours of the wind'. They changed the line "have you ever seen the wolf cry to the blue corn moon" to "have you ever seen dead bodies spread across the field" (insert sweeping hand motions). Amy (later named in our yearbook as most likely to become a jewish childrens singer) belted it out like a fucking champ. It still makes me laugh.
POST SCRIPT: that cat picture was the second result (after casper the friendly ghost) in a google image search of 'friendly'


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    "I dwell" HAHAHA  

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