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Im not sure what it is in perfume that gives you (me) such a headache when I am forced to smell it in high concentration, but what I really want to know is how the wearer can be without even a bit of the head splitting pain I am in.
Im with my new bestie, the library study room. A little while back a girl and her perfume came in and sat across from me at the long wooden table. It is a heavy,thickly sweet smell- I recognize it, can't quite put my finger on the brand- it might be a Chanel. It is definitely 50$/oz or more,. My eyes even feel it. People have actually left the room.
Now girl, I am in this study room almost EVERYDAY. You should ask around- I'm probably "that girl" by now. Do NOT come in here and ruin a good thing.
Since she has done me this injustice, I have free reign to judge. She is uncomfortably bony. Talking in an equally feeble voice on her phone for half an hour (not that I would normally care, but for godsakes go outside), I'm shocked at how quiet she is without actually breaking into whisper talk. The apple she has been nursing for the past hour is still not finished.
I'm sitting across the room now, but it is clear that I need to get out of here. I am getting that shooting pain at the base of my neck. I've tried getting used to the smell, but it hangs thick.
So, questions I'd really like to get to the bottom of:
-How does the wearer stand it?
-How can the wearer be so unaware?
-How can you tell someone that they are physically hurting those around them. with smell
-how does a smell produce a headache? Is this doing damage?
-If you get used to the smell, is it still doing the same things to you?
-Seriously, how can she not realize it?


  1. Anonymous said...

    we have this lady at my work who i can not stand. you could smell her coming, she wore that much perfume. she'd always put her perfume soaked coat over mine and so when i went home at night i would "accidently" drop it on the floor and the somehow forget to pick it up. ok, so i am on the safety committee at work and so was she, so im like the chair person who voices concerns and i said i think its unsafe that people wear so much perfume b/c we work so close to each other. she agreed and said "i only wear a little" a month went by and nothing happened, so i brought it up again! she still didnt clue in! it is really hard to tell someone that they smell and that you hold your breath whenever they are around! so eventually i just went to my boss and told him that she wore way too much and now no one at my work can wear perfume! i win! that was way too long of a story....

  2. Anonymous said...

    i also forgot to mention that this lady is very big, sounds like she has a southern accent, calls everyone sweety or hun and has the worst hair ever. she dies it read but has tons of gray and she wears it in a ponytail on the top of her head. yes, i am judging her.  

  3. Anonymous said...

    ha, i meant red!
    im so great.  


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