So maybe I should have gone to Ween. nonono. No need to regret, rue, lament. The weekend was decent. Good.
I got hit on by well meaning, but socially skewed grad students- luckily the pressure of that lessened when prettier girls showed up on saturday aft.
It was rainy most of saturday, so minimal hiking, but at least I finally got a chance to do some 'recreational reading'.
Me and Mary Jane(ohmygod I love using that) were a bit of an anomaly for about two thirds of the people there, which frankly always takes me off guard. At one point someone came up to me and said "hey, there is a group of people smoking outside, I thought I should tell you since I know you are into that." Shit man. how did I get to be that girl?
Then there are the ones who bring up the pot stories they have to prove that they are 'down'. except this guys story starts with him eating cookies and ends with him going to the hospital and having to take charcoal. Here is a tip- no matter how much you are freaking out, how fast your heart is beating... this too shall pass. you wont OD on special cookies.


  1. rizabeff said...

    wait wait wait....smoking outside?  

  2. Inanimate Comic said...

    This post gets a "golf clap" from the peanut gallery, and a "huzzah" from me!  

  3. Chlo said...

    Riz- I KNOW. it speaks volumes.
    Guin- thanks man. now when are you going to get a new comic up?  


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