Oh for fuck sakes

So when I got to the library, found that the pen in my pants pocket had leaked- luckily I am wearing old black pants. My cell phone is black, so it only received a purpley sheen on one of the corners. Ink all over my keys isn't an issue i guess (yeah, alot of stuff in my pockets). Somehow the 2 for 1 pizza coupon made it out unharmed. Ink all over my touchpad finger slightly impeded my computing. boo hoo
Anyway- just went to the washroom an hour later to find goddamned black ink all over my leg.
What really gets me is that this is the 4th (fourth!!!!) leaky pen from the same box! Fucking Staples Brand. This is the final straw- they are getting a stern letter.
I bought the box of pens in the first place because I was tired of the mad pen search through every drawer, purse and bag everytime I wanted to play one of my drawing games with a group of people. They all have to be black pens- hate blue pens - and they all have to be ball point OR all nib. All pencil will do in a real pinch. In addition to guaranteeing a uniform Exquisite Corpse, it also saved me from everyone getting all weirded out at how important the uniform pens are to me.
Havent played since school started back up anyway.
The main point here is- Staples is going to hear from me, and they better take my complaint seriously. Im feeling sassy- I going to warn them that if they dont, I will tell my friends, family and associates to avoid ALL staples stores and products. They'll be shaking in their boots when they hear that. oh yeah.


  1. rizabeff said...

    a STERN letter
    you always keep way to much stuff in your pockets, but that is you and completely ok
    ps I am wearing black jeans today too!  

  2. Inanimate Comic said...

    Uniform exquisite corpse?  

  3. Chlo said...

    exquisite corpse was that game we played with the paper folded in thirds- to create an 'exquisite corpse'. It would be uniform only if all three pens used to draw it were of the same type/colour  


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