Red Hot

Ohmygod- There really are so many chicken bones strewn about the streets of Toronto. E first pointed it out- mitzie always manages to find them. Who are all these people eating drumsticks, thighs, whatever, and then throwing the gnawed-on bones onto the sidewalk?! Seriously. What is with the chicken bones in the streets
The Uni is doing what I can only assume to be a pathetic attempt at homecoming. There are two big rented trucks driving through the streets of campus- one with a marching band on it and one with painted face student council members. One of them directed his loudspeaker at me and either said "New College!" or "We Suck!"... I couldn't hear him very clearly. Now I hear the loudspeakers pumping 'Oh Canada' on the field where the stadium never got built. Go Blues (thats right, our mascot is a colour)
I'm in the library that belongs to all the old money in Toronto. Across the table from me sits a future investment banker/hedge funds specialist, his Financial Times to his right (keeping it politically aligned) and his powerbook to his left. Pink Polo shirt, tousled hair. I don't even know what his dad looks like, but dude looks like his dad, I know it. I'd love to hear his take on me. I bet the word granola would be used.


  1. n. said...

    or god damned hippie
    this is e btw  

  2. Chlo said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  3. Chlo said...

    and probably 'future civil servant'  

  4. Inanimate Comic said...

    he probably hasn't heard the word granola before. The only time his life has never even bordered on a situation that would involve the need to talk to "granolas" is at the Uni where he shuts himself in to his clique even more diligently.  


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