Harvey Birdman

I nabbed a bottle of diet Pepsi from a room on campus that clearly had just been the site of a meeting of some sort. Wont be buying one of those anytime soon. blech. Cant promise I wont take a free one again though- god I am sucker for free things. In fact, passing up free samples and free appys at various events because they have meat in them is one of my biggest hardships in being vegetarian. The 'various events' are the many receptions, lunches, talks etc I scour around campus specifically for the free food and -if I am really lucky- wine. I joined a facebook group that is supposed to give a heads up about events like this, but it is almost never updated. I figured out other day that most people are probably thinking the same thing- I am not sharing this info with 30 other moochers, it'll totally spoil my scene. Or maybe thats just selfish me.



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