Middle aged women in lowish powered jobs they don't like (or maybe it is their life they don't like)
Thats the phenomenon- These women who are bitter. From my perspective, particularly bitter toward younger folk. Defensive. They assert what little power their job affords them in a fucking bitchy way. Especially if you work with them.
She loves to remind you that you are doing something the wrong way. You aren't following procedure.
She adopts this authoritative structure as her own, as if she ever had an say in it.
She's the reason I never got to take home the mis-prepared blizzards. Instead they got thrown out.
She lives for procedure- practicality is not the way we do things- it gives power to you, undermines her importance.
She wont turn down the library air conditioner. We don't know what temperature is needed-we don't understand the complicated process of library temperature management.
Ok yeah- that is happening now. She even managed to talk about controlling the humidity for the preservation of books. (not to mention that we are in a separate, bookless room).
Then- You shouldn't even be here anyways with that cup of coffee.
My buddy had to throw it out.
Say what?
And they are always women. Not always middle aged.
I always feel better than them anyway, cause they are fucking curmudgeons! hah, what a word


  1. rizabeff said...

    what is going on here?  

  2. rizabeff said...

    cancel I understand now  

  3. Chlo said...

    uh oh. do i suck?  


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