Oh I miss my turtle Hector. I do get to see glimpes of him. He has a new larger tank, to go with his growing self. His nails are so long, he is definitely a boy. S takes very good care of him.
The turtle in the picture was digging a hole- probably to lay her eggs in. It was in the park in Vic. Turtles in the park! I wonder if they are abandoned pets? or several generations removed abandoned? They must hibernate.
My roommate got a kitten. It is cute, duh. But it made me decide once and for all that I am more of a dog person. the fucking thing jumps up and hangs onto my leg. I have red little claw wounds all over my thighs. I like it during those brief moments it is all tuckered out and can barely keep its eyes open.
It is 24degrees celsius out, not a cloud in the sky. End of October. I wrote this before- but Im writing it again cause I mean it:
dear Toronto weather: If you could just go ahead and stay this pleasant I will promise to spread the word on your benevolence and generosity. I wont even mention the whole GW thing. I will know it wasn't the work of fossil fuels, but the result of your caring and listening to me.


  1. rizabeff said...

    your toronto weather can fuck right off  


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