to be a novelist

by Gary Shteyngart
on dressing like one:

"You want to dress down. Sometimes I see dudes in jackets. I think that's trying too hard. You want to look like you spent some money but look distressed, basically. Stuff that's a little not right. You want to match the unhappiness of our time. Everything I wear is somewhat ugly. Plaid is now in for writers. The male writer should probably shop at Odin in New York, on Lafayette, or Opening Ceremony. There's a wonderful jacket I just bought there that looks exactly like a garbage bag. You can't go wrong with that."

on prestige:
"The thing is literature doesn't have the same cache as it used to. I will say, 'Yeah, I wrote some literature, but I'm really trying to leverage that into a career in hip-hop, or blogging.'"



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