letters, flowers, stones

New font game to play! Deep Font Challenge
possibly even more fun than this font game
unrelated: there was a letter to the editor in the local paper from a woman who said that life is too dull and sad these days and during times of death, or birth or marriage etc... instead of donating money to charities we should go back to the classic tradition of giving flowers, so that we may have a brighter day in these tough times. That she felt strongly enough to write a letter to the editor is what really got me.
Well i do say! two references to the newspaper in a week. Its almost as if printed media is still relevant or something! kidding. but seriously, how much front page coverage on the national curling championships do we really need.
oh the curling championships. They went on for ages! it was held in Victoria. Again. You'd think thousands of retirees- gaggles of permed women, matching couples- would make a real impact on the town, but actually things pretty much looked the same.



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