One time the church around the corner from us (back in the Walmer Palace days) was doing a free screening of the Passion of Christ. I was apprehensive, because well, it was a church and I imagined they wouldn't be too different from a sleazy guy buying some fancy dinner to guilt a chick into sex. except, instead of sex, they'd want my soul. On the other hand, free is free. yeah I'd take candy from a stranger. So Becky and I went and sure enough at the end they gave a big loooong talk about finding god. they had clearly perfected the art of making it difficult/impossible to leave in the middle of one of their 'talks'. then they asked us to close our eyes and put up our hands if we were ready TODAY, RIGHT NOW to accept the lord jesus christ as our personal lord and saviour. I guess no one did, because he kept emphasizing that it was anonymous, no one was looking.accept him blah blah. It was like he was waiting us out until we relented to jesus just so he get on with it already. i guess a few people finally saw the light. we opened our eyes. then he asked those who put up their hand to please come to the front. a couple people walked to the stage. Then dude called out the 4 or 5 people who put up their hands but didnt come to the front! he singled these poor people out, and made them come up to the stage and publicly accept 'jesus christ as their personal lord and saviour'!
I can't remember for sure, but I probably gaffawed loudly at that point, and that guffaw probably taught that dude a valuable lesson about the wrongness of his actions, and he probably knew never to pull that shit again.


  1. beans said...

    it's like a lifetime of catholic school sigh  

  2. rizabeff said...

    you forgot to mention how the person conducting the thing lived in our residence!  

  3. raymi lauren said...

    oh so incredibly awkward and uncomfortable  


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