living where I grew up.

So Sarin is in town (she is living in New Zealand and working for a radio station these days). Our old high school drama teacher offered her tickets to the yearly school musical and she made me her plus one. They were doing Little Shop of Horrors- same one we were both in way back in grade 12. Sarin played Mushnick- the ornery, jewish-eque shop owner. Originally he was a guy, but sarin played the role as a yente. I played the piano. I'm sure its just a coincidence that I thought Little Shop of Horrors: The New Class was better in every way except for Sarin's part and the piano playing.
but woah man was it weird to walk the halls of that place. I certainly don't miss it in the least, but it sorta made me feel old in a bad way. Gone are the years of knowing anyone who still goes there- but we did sit beside my old social studies teacher. I thought about what loud mouth I was; of the time he made me walk around the outside of the school a few times to burn off some energy (not the only teacher to do that. where did it all come from?!?)... as we talked I kept feeling like I should apologize to him. But it seemed a little feeble and in the end I just couldn't do it.
oh the creepy dad with the stout cross eyed wife was there too. his kids finished high school years ago.


  1. rizabeff said...

    how did (face to face contact with) the high school boys and girls make you feel?

    you're quite brave.  

  2. Chlo said...

    oh, that was mostly the part that made me feel old in a bad way. I was highly attracted to the boy who played the sadistic dentist (Docta!). until I realized that growing pubic hair was a recent memory for him.  

  3. raymi lauren said...


  4. rizabeff said...

    yeah I totally wanted to ask about the guys but I was stoooooooooooned and it just wasn't coming out right  


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