so the holiday week has been lovely. visits with old time pals. the snow is finally disappearing... today is a perfectly grey, wet, windy west coast winter day.
My days have been filled with job hunting, watching Weeds with my mother, drawing, etc etc. It's lovely, but I'm itching for the next thing.
so in toronto, when i wasn't at the library, most of my posts were made from this desk:

These days, this is generally where the magic happens:

Amy returns to Van tomorrow. This afternoon we are going to smoke a joint and go to the museum. well alright.


  1. highwaisted said...

    that sounds very lovely. almost all the snow is gone in toronto too! we had rain for 2 days so its all melteded. :) and its kinda warm today like 5 degrees and when jogee gets home, we're going to the AGO! but sans weed. sigh.  


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