becuase I'm an idiot

i let coke slowly ooze through my backpack and onto my laptop. shiiit.
because I work with/for kensington good old boys, my boss knew of a guy who'd take a look at it, and another guy who'd give me half price parts if it was fried.
buddy cleaned it out and ta-da almost like new!
Im really going to miss working at the centre of the universe (and i dont mean the victoria observatory. I love having a boss that says 'yous guys' and his best friend that repeatedly offered to pour bags of contrete mix down my toilets when i was having landlord troubles.
I'll miss all the kensington stories of family feuds, who wronged who, who gives blow jobs for pocket change, who that drunk guy yelling on the streets is, and most of all
meeting so many people who are going out of their way to live a life they love.
Im not even sure I remember why I'm leaving, but the howling wind and frosty streets refresh my memory.
Last night I went for a little good-bye dinner of lattkes with kt. we finished with fortune cookies, which I was eager to read as my future is currently blank. get this: my fortune cookie contained no fortune! Katie does what she does best and tried to put a positive spin on it, which I wasn't buying- especially when her fortune read something like 'ignorance isn't always bliss'.
for anyone in TO interested that reads this today,Im sure Ill be doing some heavy drinking tonight in the generally college and spadina vicinity. exactly when, where and whom with (GR?) is unclear. oh! Jay Spectre and Run with the Kittens tonight at horseshoe right? hmmm.


  1. highwaisted said...

    definitely 100% the horseshoe.  

  2. Kate said...

    Haha...Ok, here's another one: your future is in your hands, unlike the missing fortune.  

  3. kay zee said...

    I'll miss Kensinton, for doods that say Obama only won cuz he's black and shit.  


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