cold and flu season

hey world, have you ever bobbed for apples? it seems like such a great seasonal activity, but next thing you know your face is in a tub of cold and gritty spit water. With each failed attempt at biting that stupid apple- water up the nose, jaw aching and jerk friends cheering you on- you realize how miserable it really is to forcibly suffocate yourself. And successful bob or not, after all that you're left with a cold wet face and a mouth full of other peoples spit and snot.
All this harboured hate and I haven't actually done it in years. how about them apples. zing.
anyway. bobbing for apples will now officially go on the list of things I wish I liked. An incomplete look at other things on that list:
-black licorice
-Nick Cave

since we are on the subject, a few things that used to be on the list of 'things i wish i liked', but with a bit of hard work have transitioned to the list of 'things I now like':
-talking to really old people


  1. Katja said...

    Just start with Goodies or Licorice Allsorts and black liquorice will jump lists in no time!  

  2. Anonymous said...

    did we discuss nick cave when you were here? 'cause me too i've always felt i should/would like his tunes but never given them the chance!
    well! i'm starting with the birthday party and making my way up to him! pretty dec for walking to school in the cold or cleaning up after roomates.


  3. rizabeff said...

    I wish you liked mustard too.  

  4. highwaisted said...

    hahahaahahahaa really really old people!  

  5. Duke of Spook said...

    I recently made transitions into olives and mustard. You gotta respect those guys  

  6. Chlo said...

    katja- sometimes i bite the sprinkles off of licorice allsorts, because I am that much of a glutton.

    erica- i dont believe we discussed nick cave, but seeing as how you are a god of cool, Im glad you agree.

    E- oh how I long to enjoy soft pretzels and mustard

    hw- old people are depressing because they make me think of death, but they have some real gems up their sleeves

    DoS- welcome to the wonderful world of olives! and you're right, i DO gotta respect mustard. how am I supposed to enjoy an authentic hoagie?  

  7. kay zee said...

    HAHA how old? do you have a cut-off age?


  8. Anonymous said...

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