before i leaked burrito sauce on my precious precious moleskine.
This would fall under the same category as "why I never buy white clothes" and "toothpaste stains don't count (there's no way I'm creating more laundry before Ive even left the house for the day)"
related: moleskines would probably make it on my list of "Things I Don't want to Covet, but I do, oh I do", that is, IF I had such a list. Chuck Klostermann taught me that Guilty Pleasures are BS. That's right- I peruse Jezebel, I've watched almost every season of America's Next Top Model and the missed seasons were involuntary. oh and goddammit if I don't love aqua

according to their wiki, a lawsuit against them by Mattel prompted a ruling from the judge of "The parties are advised to chill." well alright. i'd like to meet that judge
ps to the world: I moved my flight back- one more weekend in TO!


  1. Heather said...

    one more weekend in t.o means one LESS weekend with yours truly!

    but alas, i can wait another few days.

    i downloaded a bunch of aqua just the other day!  

  2. kay zee said...

    What is your plan this weekend?  

  3. Anonymous said...

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