last december, during my very last week on campus, I was approached to do this picture poll type thing. damn I wish I didn't lose the results. Terribly humiliating. I can't even remember the question now. something about the international laws on capital punishment. I mean I really came off like a clueless jack ass. partly my fault: "uh, I think so". is probably not a great first response when your words are being transcribed. mostly his fault: I said more! also the question as printed in the paper was no a yes or no question. was for me. The guy even knew me!
I think I already wrote about this, but dwelling is sort of my style. Anyway my picture was even printed and you can't hide with glasses like mine. thank god it was the last week.


  1. raymi lauren said...

    i am brutal when it comes to any and all forms of communication with others' publications/film, ugh. i can only deal with emailed Qs.  


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