my cell consistently suggest 'atones' when I am trying to type 'bummer'. I don't really talk about atoning much, particularly not in my texts, and in the 3rd person singular.
Said cell also just suggested 'fart' while I was trying to type 'earth'. That one is a little more understandable.
I have a list of these little gems, send me good ones!


  1. highwaisted said...

    kor - joe
    sip - sup
    i are - i see
    to - yo

    you have no idea how frustrated i get with the kor one. unless thats joe's secret magic the gathering name or something?  

  2. rizabeff said...

    one trevor used to get was citag for bitch  

  3. raymi lauren said...

    predictive text makes me want to start fires  

  4. Kate said...

    It's always so wrong every time I text someone Hey Let's hang out! and instead I send Hey Let's gang out!  


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