me: my farts are noxiousi had to leave from helping out early because my body was so stiff from holding them inI had to pretend i had a bad backHeather: ha. i love ityou should have just walked outside and fartedme: well I couldnt have done that every 10 minutes for two and a half hoursplus i would have had to stand there and let it disconnectprevent the trailHeather: im getting pretty good at that at workme: disconnecting the trail?Heather: i had tofu chilli for lunch and had to fart a lot todayme: yeah cabbage soup was my culpritHeather: yea i walk to an area with no people, act busy and then slowly walk back to my areame: i blamed their dogquietly as if i was trying to be subtle about being offendedps. i laughed out loud at your techniqueHeather: good. i laugh as im doing it


  1. highwaisted said...

    i let them leak out slowly while im sitting in my chair. sometimes a squeeker sneaks out and then i just move my chair around a lot to pretend that was it. but usually i just have a huge ball of stink around me after so then i walk over to the printer to disconnect it.

    hahahahaha i love farting!  


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