and you will know me by the trail of pistachio shells.
but WHAT about this:
can an entity contain itself? can water contain water? is it a category mistake? an illogical statement? or just redundant? I need to speak to a logician


  1. rizabeff said...

    did you know those were on sale a Safeway this week - until saturday in fact!  

  2. Kate said...

    Ah! I actually liked that band, for a little while.
    You I can always rely on for clever and funny captions. Or 'cutlines', so I've learned this week at work.  

  3. sjm said...

    I used to eat those little suckers all the time but in October of 2007I ate a bunch and lost all the feeling in the left side of my face. The Doc said it was an allergic reaction and that it is usually worse the second time.



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