city of glass

went to vanc for the weekend. it involved:
-shmooze meeting
-hanging with D
-fabulous music
-dance dance dancing
-a hot water bottle placed at the foot of my bed (!)
-high walks with Amy, E and litte mitzie (who is getting so grown up I can't even believe it)
-65th birthday dinner. gifts included a plaster wind in the willows badger and chocolate covered ginger. what else eh?
oh, and for everyone on the west coast: BC ferries now offers yam fries!! they get two thumbs up, way up.


  1. Anonymous said...

    friggin yam fries?!? well that's worth the bahzillion dollars it costs to ride the ferries right there!

    ... i'm totes jealous...


  2. highwaisted said...

    oh im happy you had a good time! that is a busy weekend man!  

  3. highwaisted said...

    ps. i miss those ferry rides.  


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