kill yr. idols anyone?

I think when Oprah dies it’s going to be a big fucking deal. And not just in the obvious, media frenzy way. For those of us currently in or around their 20s, it’ll be the death of an icon that has hovered in the collective pop-culture conscious for almost our entire lives. It hardly matters if you’ve never actually sat through an episode of her show- you know about her favorite things; you know about her weight gain; you know her reading a book is pretty much a Golden Ticket in the publishing industry- unless you wrong her. then watch yourself.
It’s not just Oprah though. Michael Jackson is going to die. The Simpsons will be canceled (God willing. Hopefully they have some sort of Do Not Resuscitate or ‘pulling the plug' clause, because it’s just going to be too painful and humiliating to force it to limp along in the decrepit shell of it’s former self. Actually I averted my eyes several years ago.) Madonna is going to die. Bill Gates is going to die. Holy shit: Gene and Dean Ween are going to die.


  1. Heather said...

    oh Oprah. she has enough money to live on forever.

    i remember one of the first times watching Oprah was with you! and they had a kid who didn't have a father and the mom said "he has a whole in his heart the shape of his father"...from then on i was hooked!  

  2. raymi lauren said...

    uplifting post!  

  3. Kate said...

    At first read i thought it said 'hoovered' not 'hovered', but in oprah's case same thing i guess.  

  4. carrie said...

    they won't die. they will grow new organs for themselves and eventually replace their whole bodies and continue on into infinity  


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