while in the gym changeroom, a woman walked by with a seeing eye dog. She seemed to be fairly close to the 'totally blind' end of seeing ability. I wonder what she was going to be doing at the gym? would her dog join her? what if she was swimming? where would the dog go?
dear lord! I was just partaking on one of my favorite activities: maintaining an even burn on my beeswax candle... when suddenly oomph, my hand slipped and I sent a spray of hot wax across the desk, my tshirt, my face and MY EYE. I couldnt open my eye at first because the eyelashes were stuck together. dried wax on my eyeball. splattered across my face. I credit two things for saving me from being scalded/blinded (damn son, is this karma for talking about blind people? I wasn't saying anything bad). anyway I was saved by a) my cat-like, stealthy lightning fast blinking reflexes. so fast they deserve three adjectives. b) The lower burning temperature of beeswax. yet another reason beeswax candles are far superior to the petroleum based crap used about 99% of the time. seriously, beeswax candle people are not kidding around
aw geez it's in my hair too.


  1. Anonymous said...

    you might be blind, but at least you can sleep easier, i'm sure, knowing your room has less dust mite feces in it than usual! THANKS NEGATIVE IONS!!!


  2. lucy said...

    At the YWCA I used to go to in Ottawa there was a blind lady with a dog! It was pretty cute... he'd help her over to the one machine that had braille on the buttons, and lie down right beside it until she'd finished her workout business, then lead her over to the weights and patiently lie there again till she was ready to go home... She was always reaching over to pet him! Oh seeing-eye dogs and their Blind Persons!  

  3. Heather said...

    1) At the Y in Vic there's a blind lady with a dog and she would work out on the machines and he would just sit beside them.

    2) Once i was super gluing my headphones and superglue sprayed into my eye. I had to blink rapidly and flsh it out with water. i was convinced i had just glued my eye shut! later that day a glog of glue came out my eye!

    both true stories!  

  4. Chlo said...

    oh wow I had no idea! I mean it makes sense. so many things to consider.  

  5. raymi lauren said...

    finish the story!  

  6. Chlo said...

    actually there is no ending really. It turns out I forgot my gym shorts so I couldn't go workout and see what the blind lady was doing. instead I just hung out in the steam room for a really long time  

  7. raymi lauren said...

    thank you  


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