hips don't fail me now

ok, so it turns out the blind woman at the gym goes swimming. I guess the dog sits at the edge of the pool? must be hot for him/her. One more gym story and then I'll shut up about it already. Monday night I went a little bit high and decided to do this Cardio Salsa class (yes, I am a person who participates in cardio salsa workout classes. it's time I accept that). Including myself, only 5 people showed up; I was there first and therefore front and centre. The other 4 girls were asian and all dressed in white tshirts and black pants. really. one on either side of me, 2 behind me; completely symmetrical. once that salsa music was blaring and we were salsing and cha-cha-chaing, my high self felt like the star of some fabulous production, complete with my own set of back up dancers. I'd totally do it again next week if I knew I could repeat that set up.
In other news, I am really looking forward to never again hearing my roommate fanatically rant about alien conspiracy theories.


  1. Anonymous said...

    nice segway!


  2. rizabeff said...


  3. highwaisted said...

    excuse me. where the hell are you? and why havent we been hanging out or anything? that salsa class sounds friggin amazing.  

  4. raymi lauren said...

    i want in on the salsa class!  

  5. Katie said...

    Harojuko girls, what  


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