So I went to montreal for the weekend. Guin came up from Ottawa. We stayed at erica's place. Thanks erica! great times in em tee el! The lowlight was when I offhandedly insulted Judism only to discover that hasidic jewish fellow walking beside us on his way to Shabbos. DAMN. The highlight was hanging with my buddies of course. The Baklava was a close second.


  1. rizabeff said...

    one time amy did something like that, but with Chinese language. funny.  

  2. kay zee said...

    Awesome times! You made it in time for your ride!

    (thanks again)

    Come to our place Friday night  

  3. michelle said...

    omg where can i get amazing backlava in this city?
    eff. i love food.  

  4. Chlo said...

    oh wow, truly amazing baklava, and I'm not usually big on that stuff. It was a greek bakery in little India. near stuart street. erica, what was the street it was on?  

  5. Anonymous said...

    dearest chloe,
    it was on jean talon about four blocks west of the parc metro. i've been thinking about that baklava alot my friend! also, move to montreal, please? i miss you guys...



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