So last night I went to a bar in Kensington for the birthday of a friend of a friend. The place was pretty dead but the music was dece and the birthday group was deep into the drinks by the time we arrived. The party turned out to be outside the bar though, where I spent most of the time. A garbage truck stopped infront of us and suddenly the birthday boy had scaled the thing and was standing on top of this big goddamned garbage truck doing the air guitar and those sort of gesticulations one does when they are feeling particularly rock and roll. The squat garbage man comes up to me/us and commands us to get him down. He used a tone that was pissed off, but clearly not surprised.
Well after a couple woops and hollers from the crowd, we were mostly just telling him to get down, and birthday boy got the point. He wasn't so smooth on the dismount, half knocking off the broom attached to the truck and then falling flat on his back. Im convinced he hit his head too, but a bruised pride seemed to be what he was most concerned about. He jumped up like it was all part of the plan. laughing laughing, light hearted. good times. poor dude probably feels like a sack of hammers this morning.
I'm not good at making my stories short.
heather is in newmarket or some other place that isn't downtown Toronto. Tomorrow tomorrow.


  1. raymi lauren said...

    this made me nervous to read i was pretty sure he was going to end up on his head or garburated up.  

  2. Chlo said...

    I was simultaneously nervous and embarrassed for him  


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