Hi, I'm looking for something that adds an inch of bulk to my torso and could be confused for a snot rag when it's not being worn. it'd be especially great if it has noise dampening qualities and looks like it has been soaked in vitamin B urine.


  1. Anonymous said...

    I KNOW, HEY?


  2. Anonymous said...

    At VV we would get like 5 a day donated. you'd be amazed at how many people actually own one of these! and the ladies pricers would always think they were childrens shirts b/c they are so tiny before you put them on. then i'd go on a rant about how terrible they are.


  3. Kattypants said...

    EW. From this angle looks like icing neatly applied to a torso. But, I totally hear the Vitamin B soaked urine thing, too.  

  4. Maresa said...

    hahahaha, that seriously made my day.  


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