não seja tolo

so these days I find myself around a lot of old portuguese men. as a result, I have decided to start learning some of the basics in portuguese. it really is the perfect language for me- a mash up of spanish and french, which is pretty much what I end up doing when attempting the local language in both mexico and quebec.
anyway I want to practice the accent. I went to youtube and found some video collection with titles like "365 common Portuguese words and phrases'. Many are pleasant little gems like 'the sun is up for everyone (O sol nasceu pra todos), and 'every love is the first one' (todo amor e o primeiro amor. Some err to the more practical day-to-day dealings, such as 'did you lend any money to my brother?' 'her mother was present in most of the meetings' and 'why does she get up so early on the weekends?' 'are you twins?'


  1. Anonymous said...

    oooo! i just finished reading something for my ethnolinguistics class about how the term 'playboy' is used in different socioeconomic groups in brazil... here's one for you collection:
    'e pare de babar o ovo de playboy' and stop sucking up tp the playboy. it is necessary to know if someone has a twin in EVERY language! also: apparently 'cunt' is literally translated 'knife in the corner'... now you know!



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