I forgot then re-remembered about this site:
my life is average
Besides allowing me to relish in the absurdity of life (one of my favorite pass times after feeding pistachios to children who may or may not have nut allergies).
a couple i like:
Today, as I was logging into my email account, I was to lazy to move the mouse and click the "login" box. I just hit "tab" until I got there. MLIA
Today, I stopped at a stoplight, I looked over at the guy next to me. He was staring back. We both looked away quickly so it didn't seem awkward. It still was. MLIA

The stuff of life.

I'm no outlier, but it reminds me of one of the women in my office. she is unapoligetically average. at first I hated her for it, now I sort of love it. She brings in cakes and bars (and rice chips from costco for the chicks on a cleanse), she is more than happy to help me fill in forms and I bet she is really nice to her dog Dale Earnhardt (seriously).
too many parentheses (I apologize, but do not repent)


  1. rizabeff said...

    I said Yes to the first five  

  2. highwaisted said...

    stop writing shit that makes me miss you more.  

  3. raymi lauren said...

    Today, my teacher and I were talking. I accidentally called her mom. It was awkward. MLIA.  


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