Aura healer on fridays

monday evening I was walking along just being cool, when I came across this supremely drunk dude—classic wino type—holding a way expensive camera, trying to take pictures of this youngish guy (who seemed about equally as clueless as me). drunk dude told me to stop and stand 1 metre behind the young guy. He had no idea how to use the camera but he kept saying how fucking amazing the pictures were, and something about how this is fucking life. Then he’d miss the ‘take picture’ button and say he wasn’t that drunk. Then he directed us to get on our knees and we obliged– at that point I started point I started asking if we were in a modern day version of The Magic Christian – except instead of money, the fame is the golden egg.- have a camera? Take my picture! or maybe it was about being passive- how much can we get a stranger to do if we just tell them to do it.
It was a strange thing.
Went tubing down the river yesterday. God I love the summer
oh, in the coffee shop on the way to the river there was a sign in the womens washroom:
Tarot Card Reader on premises tuesday-friday.
The font was one of those faux eastern types from MSWord98
another one for the 'only in bc' files


  1. raymi lauren said...

    i want to go tubing so bad  


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