just something

a few things I wish more females did, along with my personal status on them (my record is not great):
1.play in a band: I would give up vodka, a month off of my life, and possibly even the ability to burp on command (that's a biggie for me, really) to be able to sing well. pretty much I want to be Janis Joplin minus the drug overdose.
2. skateboard: I gave this a try for a bit, but I could never get over the amount of noise they make and the amount of falls they produced.
3.politics: but not me
4.own a motorcycle: I plan on owning one of these when I have the money. a Triumph ideally. god that'll be awesome.
5.parkour: like this chick.
6.public erections: when is the last time you saw someone get a boner in public? I bet you anything it was a guy
meh. that's enough for now. writing and comedy could also be a part of that list, but actually I can't think of anything interesting or funny to include about them. doye.


  1. raymi lauren said...

    come over and we can have a longboard lesson.  

  2. Chlo said...

    though I do love longboards, they are still real loud. I just feel like I'm imposing my presence on everyone for blocks around, ya know?
    I'm am bit of a lame-o when it comes to loud noises though- I hate vacuums, and desperately wish power tools could have mufflers  

  3. raymi lauren said...

    my longboard is silent, like your farts.  


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