last week I ended up at a sports bar. They are weird places- tvs on every surface including the floor and at every booth. Definitely more tvs than customers. maybe 3:1. It was one of those night where someone keeps ordering pitchers even though we haven't finished the last one and probably shouldn't either. What can you do at a time like that but pour your heart into singing Rocket Man on the karaoke machine.
That song always reminds me of this 3am bike ride I took a couple of years ago. I was stopped at an almost deserted red light and this heavy duty chopper pulls up next to me blasting Rocket Man. Not only did dude have speakers on his chopper, but he was using them to blast Elton John. I bet he was happy


  1. raymi lauren said...

    which bar  

  2. Chlo said...

    some place just north of Yonge and College. no good bars around there. we would've had to walk at least several hundred more metres to go somewhere decent.  


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