ages ago a friend with a pick up helped me move out of the infamous (in my insular little mind) walmer apartment. as thanks I gave him a bunch of beer, a pick-up bed full of empties- he wanted them!- and our communal stereo. The stereo was pretty decent except that the volume knob only turned it up, even when you did the international counter-clockwise twist for volume down unless you got it just so, which only happened about 5% of the time and generally after everyone's ears were bleeding. Our solution was to only ever use the stereo remote which worked just fine.
Well I just found that stereo remote in the back of a drawer. I have carried it around with me through three moves and a stint in storage. all the time wonder what the hell buddy did to deal with the pretty serious volume issue. somehow I never remembered to give it to him or even ask him about it. but i did keep the remote. time to throw it away probably?


  1. kay zee said...

    holy crap i can access yuor job whilest at work now!  

  2. Chlo said...

    right on! I'll try not to say anything about coitus for a while, so you can continue to view it!  

  3. Chlo said...

    animal or human  


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