I just saw a girl wearing what I swear was our high school marching band skirts for the colour party. The colour party are the girls holding the flags. The skirts were blue and green plaid and so short it also came with matching blue underwear.
Marching band and band in general was big at our high school. I always feel the need to say that when I mention that I was in marching band' sorta like saying, don't worry, I wasn't one of THOSE. I did colour party one year yes. Then I moved on to playing my bass clarinet in the white pants and plaid blazer uniform. The thing about the bass clarinet is that it's not "so dorky it's cool" like the tuba' it's just dorky. ah well, It was pretty fun to play since most of the songs involved doing the oom-paa-paa style bass line. Thanks to my accordion playing skillz, I was already a pro at that. Now the accordion- definitely so dorky it's cool. oom-paa-paa.


  1. raymi lauren said...

    colour party?  

  2. kay zee said...

    I played the tuba!  

  3. Chlo said...

    raymi: colour party= flag girls
    Krista: we need to start a band. maybe get a banjo or ukulele in there too.  


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