a location

ok so here goes a little picture tour of things. mostly the last 12 hours.
The view from C3PBecky's new digs:

Did you know I like to look at manhole covers in whatever location I'm in? Now you know.
Also, I'm thinking I might be a huge asshole and call them 'personholes' for a while. maybe.

green grass- hey Toronto maybe if you had a bit of this in the winter I wouldn't have been so hasty to leave.

action shot:

ok, time for a morning walk:

dude was just chilling:

good vibes



  1. highwaisted said...

    a. 4 of those pictures arent working.
    b. i love that box guy
    c. where the fuck is YOUR snow?  

  2. Chlo said...

    fixed! and MY snow doesn't exist; I left it for greener pastures  

  3. highwaisted said...

    aw looking at those pics now that they work just gave me the biggest deja vu. and then i felt like i missed it there. i think i might miss it there.  


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